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My 3 Essential Steps For Success...
...and how a little mountain air helped inspire me!

In this post...

In this post...

I share with you 3 essential steps which are critical for your long-term success, growth and achieving your goals!

Why a mountain in Wales?

I’ve always loved spending time in the mountains and so I decided to welcome 2019 by climbing Mount Snowdon in Wales – 1085m to the summit.

I recorded my journey in a series of short video clips 🙂

This is a great way to ‘blow away the cobwebs’ and get some mountain air.  It’s so important that in our busy lives we find time for a little peace and to really think about our lives, hopes, dreams and goals…

The importance of taking time to think!

During this climb I spent a lot of time thinking about some of the most important advice I would give to anyone seeking to succeed online (which I reveal in the last video) – my 3 ‘golden nuggets’ which I truly believe can make a difference in how you approach your business.

Pro Tip: Always be prepared for any eventuality 😉

Like I mention on my Homepage, I drink too much coffee…even when on the mountains!

Results and Success.

I wanted to do a longer video at the summit and talk about success and getting results – but the weather really closed-in and reduced the visibility…as well as being freeeeeezing cold!  

Only time for a quick video and photo and then to come off the summit and get some shelter further down the mountain…

I climbed back down to lake ‘Glaslyn’ where I recorded a short video detailing three approaches or qualities that I think are often lacking among those seeking online success.

In particular, I talk about how this relates to the online ‘Challenge‘ system I am currently using, both as a lifetime member and product creator.

My thoughts for the day – three steps for success:

1. Know yourself.  What kind of person are you (glass half-full or glass half-empty)?  I’m a firm believer in changing paradigms (our ways of thinking), but to do this you must first know yourself.

2. Own It! You are responsible for your own successes and/or failures. No point blaming others or looking for excuses, only you can persist towards achieving your goal. 

3. Be Resourceful.  I love systems, automation and ‘done-for-you’ options…but don’t always expect or wait to be spoon-fed…be resourceful and go find/research/learn the information you need.  Don’t sit back and a ‘go-getter’ and seize the initiative.

I hope you enjoyed this journey up Mount Snowdon – apologies for a little wind noise during recording!

Please leave a comment below or reach out and get in touch…

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