SEO Mastery from an industry expert!

SEO Mastery with Josh Earp

I first met Josh Earp at a marketing conference in Orlando, Florida in June of 2017. And as soon as I heard him talk I knew we were in for something special…this video shows you why!

Vick Strizheus with Joshua Earp
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Josh seems to have a quote or metaphor to perfectly describe any and every situation too – without doubt one of the smartest guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and listening too.

I was also very excited to learn that Josh was in partnership with the ‘4 Percent Group‘ to produce a new SEO training course!

The course is available inside the 4 Percent Members’ Area and if SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your passion this will blow you away as it did me.

I hope you enjoyed this fascinating video and if you are interested in the range of products available inside the 4 Percent you can find out more here.

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