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Welcome to my Four Percent Challenge Review  where I explain the complete system and what it takes to succeed with the Four Percent.

Welcome to my Four Percent Challenge Review where I explain the complete system and what it takes to succeed with the Four Percent.

Here's the highlights in quick summary format:

Why Not Try It And See For Yourself?
The Four Percent Challenge is a complete one-stop-shop affiliate marketing solution providing an unparalleled level of training to online entrepreneurs of all abilities and experience levels.
Step-by-step system
Easy to follow
Done-for-you sales pages
Multiple Income Streams
Amazing support desk
Daily content and actionable steps
Active Online Community
You must take regular action
You will need to do some work
This is NOT a 'Biz Op'
This is NOT 'Get Rich Quick' hype
To Learn More About Taking The $10K Challenge Click Here


In this Four Percent Challenge review I explain exactly what the Four Percent Challenge is and why you might want to see the quality and content of this training program for yourself.

Here’s a quick taste of what some of the Four Percent members are saying:

Four Percent Challenge Review Testimonials
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Firstly, in the spirit of full disclosure I would like to point out that I have been a member of the Four Percent since its inception and decided to write this Four Percent Challenge review as an update to highlight recent changes made.

You can also see my latest Challenge update for 2019 here:

Four Percent Challenge Review 2019

I would also add that the Four Percent continuous to evolve, change and adapt to ensure all products, systems and processes are fully and legally compliant with legislation – to ensure the Four Percent can continue to move forward and grow for many years to come.

I am a fully paid-up Lifetime Member and Promotional Partner.  I work full-time online and use the Four Percent and the Challenge as one of my primary income streams – which is why I love to share what I do and how I do it.


At the heart of my Four Percent Challenge Review is the refreshingly novel (and brilliant) concept of taking a ‘daily success pill’.

Now, let me be clear, this is purely a metaphorical success pill and not a real pill like some people first thought!

The pill has number of critical ‘success ingredients’ including:

  • MIC – Motivation, Inspiration & Creativity
  • D&G – Direction and Goal Setting
  • MGA – Marketing Genius Activator
  • MAB – Massive Action Booster
  • ASME – Automatic Success Mechanism Enhancer
  • SSMAB – Strategically Specific Massive Action Booster

I was skeptical about this at first, however, once you experience the daily content being delivered, with actionable steps to take each day, you will soon realize that this controlled pace is pure genius – it keeps you motivated and focused on taking action and moving forward every day.

I know many people, myself included, initially wanted access to the whole thing up-front.  However, I know from experience that having access to an entire training program is simply an invitation to start jumping around and looking for the bit about ‘making money’ – missing out on critical elements that really do matter.

The Challenge is so much more than just ‘how to make a quick buck online’ with an affiliate-link.

…and here’s why:

What Do You Actually Get Inside The Four Percent Challenge?

The Four Percent Challenge is the flagship product of the Four Percent and the main focus of this review; hence the title ‘Four Percent Challenge Review’!
The concept is quite simple, follow the daily training exactly as laid out in each success pill.  Take appropriate action as described in the daily action steps and learn to become an independent entrepreneur!
Here’s a quick guided tour I did of the members area and what you will find ‘on the inside’:


In this Four Percent Challenge Review I want to cover one of the core building blocks of the Challenge – the power of Multiple Sources of Income (MSIs).

The Four Percent Challenge is often described as an ‘eco-system’, this is because the back office is an ‘integrator’ of multiple sources of income from different products and services.

It is a key strength and often overlooked benefit of the Four Percent (imagine trying to create a system that did this for your…the cost would be astronomical)!

So, as a member of the Four Percent you will have the ability to integrate income streams across a number of different platforms.

Here’s a taste of the different income streams you can have working for you 24/7 (even while you sleep):

Landing page Builder
Email Autoresponder
Link Tracking Service
World Ventures
Travel, Vacation and tourism


The Four Percent Challenge is split into 3 levels, Level 1 is a 30-day daily program designed with the income goal of $10K.

As you can see in the image below, Level 1 is the $10K Challenge which is followed by the $100K Challenge and finally the $1M Challenge!

For many, the $10K Challenge is an opportunity to earn their first ever $1 online – and although $10K can seem like a daunting challenge the program is structured to break down old paradigms and ways of thinking and to turn you into a goal-setting entrepreneur who is not afraid to think big and establish yourself as a serious online entrepreneur.

Four Percent Challenge Review - 3 Phases

In this Four Percent Challenge Review I very much wanted to highlight the fact that goal setting is taken very seriously and the Challenge even provides a great choice of ‘downloadable goal cards’ onto which you can write your personal goals (see below)…

This has proven very popular among members, to actually take the time to think about and write down what it is they actually want.

As the saying goes:

“a dream is just a dream unless it is written down,
only then does it become a goal”

Nigel Yates Goal Card - Four Percent Challenge
Nigel Yates with Goal Card - Four Percent Challenge


In this Four Percent Challenge Review I also wanted to reveal who the Four Percent Challenge is best-suited for. I firmly believe, from experience, that the Challenge is the perfect all-in-one system if you are:

  • An ACTION taker
  • A person who is coachable
  • Willing to listen and follow directions
  • Hungry for success
  • New to the online world but ready to learn
  • Looking to scale your current business
  • Committed to your success
  • Willing to invest in yourself (time and money)
  • An aspiring or experienced entrepreneur


  • People looking to get rich quick (there’s no such thing by the way)
  • Lazy people who want something for nothing
  • Procrastinators – who will give up after 2 days and call it a scam
  • Freebie seekers – sadly the internet is full of fake promises 
  • People who are struggling financially (sorry) – it should not be a surprise to you that it takes some seed money to start any business
  • Haters, excuse makers, those with closed minds and closed wallets, naysayers, doom-mongers, complainers and anyone who perpetually blames the world for their situation

I wanted to be quite clear in this Four Percent Challenge Review that the program is not suitable for everyone.

I love to work with action takers and decision makers (use any of the links on this page if you want to connect).  The Challenge requires commitment and persistence – but the journey is amazing and well worth it!

You will come out of this program a different person than when you started…it really is life changing.


Start the program and see for yourself. If you love it and get results you can remain a member for a discounted rate of just $49 per month for as long as you’d like and your price will not increase because you registered as our ‘charter member’.

If you love the training and sense of community why not take advantage of the ‘lifetime’ option to eliminate monthly payments completely – all for a one-time payment of $497 (a great way to save money over time).

I took this option as it made financial sense to do so  – I knew from the outset that this program was different and I wanted to stick around for the long-term!

Are there other costs?

Absolutely, here’s what the Four Percent’s own website says:

“This is not a lottery ticket or “invest $1 and make millions” type deal. This program takes you by the hand and shows you how to build a solid business that can help you create an extraordinary life.

In order for you to do things right, you will need to have some basic fundamental tools which we’ll recommend that you get (if you don’t already have them) such as an autoresponder, custom funnel builder, and a custom tracking system to use for when it becomes necessary.

You’ll be shown exactly how to use these tools correctly and effectively. Also, while The Challenge virtually covers about 90% of all the training you’ll ever need to go from zero to $10k…$100k… or even $1Million – we will recommend that you really master traffic generation as it is one of the most important core skills in marketing.

We’ll recommend a specific program you can take to master traffic generation (the best available anywhere) and as a FourPercent PRO member, you’ll have a special opportunity to pick that up for a massive discount. Truth be told, you’ll probably want to buy that regardless, but this will give you an edge and a deep discount. It’s optional so it’ll be up to you to make that decision.

You will not be told to purchase anything that is not relevant or necessary in order to help you build an explosive business and get results fast. Besides, when you’re making money – it won’t be an issue. We believe in full transparency, and our goal here is to help you create massive success.”


At the time of writing this Four Percent Challenge Review new products and features are continuously being developed to meet high-demand and provide high-value products which are needed within the online marketplace.

From SEO courses to e-Commerce training, our members enjoy having access to a range of products which they can both use and sell for a commission.

Remember, one of the biggest problems faced by so-called ‘newbies’ is that they do not have a product to sell – by becoming a Promotional Partner with the Four Percent and leveraging the work of others that problem is solved.

One of the most recent products to launch is Internet Traffic Mastery.  A highly sought-after training course designed to solve one of the other biggest problems faced by all online marketers, ‘how to get traffic’ (human eyes to view our offer, product or service) ?

You can check out my in-depth Internet Traffic Mastery Review to learn more about online traffic generation strategies.


The entrepreneur behind the Four Percent is Vick Strizheus. I have never seen anyone work as hard as Vick in delivering value and content…his commitment is both exemplary and extraordinary.

I first met Vick in Orlando, Florida at the inaugural Four Percent annual conference (see below) and I continue to be blown away by his vision for the Four Percent as well as his drive, enthusiasm and energy.

Vick bares his soul inside the Four Percent Group members’ area in his very own episode of The Journey – The Journey is a series of interviews with industry big names and successful entrepreneurs. Vick features in one episode and tells his story in candid detail, the good and bad, his mistakes and low points and what it took to achieve success.

I always recommend to anyone questioning the man behind the company – spend $1 and take the trial…experience the content and value for yourself AND go to the back office and watch Vick’s story; The Journey episode #2, where Vick candidly reveals his life-story, mistakes, lessons learned and of course successes.

In short, take a look on the inside and make up your own mind about whether you resonate with the vision and ethos of the Four Percent with full access to the $10K Challenge for 7 days!

Nigel Yates with Vick Strizheus, Four Percent


The Four Percent Support Desk are second-to-none in my view. I can guarantee from personal experience that you are backed by a team that have some of the fastest response rates in the industry.

With 24/7 support available you can always make contact, either via email ([email protected]) or via the Live Support feature in the members’ area.

I’ve used the support desk a number of times for all sorts of things including sending testimonial videos, changes to account details etc.

My personal experience has been one of complete satisfaction – I typically had a response answered within minutes of receiving my ticket submission confirmation. Nothing short of brilliant!


The Four Percent Challenge (and system as a whole) comes with a full money back guarantee – here’s the deal:

“…a full 30-day money back guarantee…”

“Join now for just $1.00 and see for yourself. If for any reason you’re not absolutely thrilled and don’t think this is the most powerful program you’ve ever experienced in your life – simply let support know within 30 days and you’ll get a full 100% refund, no questions asked.
You really have absolutely nothing to lose, but a whole new life and future to gain!”
So you can get started right now with confidence!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Four Percent Challenge Review.

I hope you found this review informative and it answered many of the questions you may have had.

If not, don’t hesitate to get in touch here:

Contact Nigel Yates

…and the final word goes to those fellow students of the Four Percent Challenge program

Here’s just a small number of Four Percent Challenge Reviews and Testimonials via the Facebook comments live feed…real people just like you and me!

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