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The Loneliness Of The Online Entrepreneur

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I'm a coffee-addict

My daily rocket fuel! I know I drink too much but there’s something I can’t resist (probably caffeine) – and at home Peet’s coffee “Major Dickason’s blend” out of my Keurig machine is hard to beat.

I'm a light sleeper

Probably all that coffee!  But I definitely feel at my most creative at night and without doubt I am more productive 🙂  

That makes me something of a night-Owl I guess!   

An MSc and MBA

I never considered myself all that academic, which is why studying for an MSc and MBA almost killed me – whilst working full-time too!

And I’m still studying today – SEO, marketing, advertising…always working on personal development.

My favourite quote

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right!
         ~Henry Ford

If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple:
Know what you are doing;
Love what you are doing;
And believe in what you are doing.


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for Success?

Working online full-time is for many something they can only dream about.  

One thing I never really considered, but now know from personal experience, is that working online full-time can often be a very lonely existence – which is why I decided to style my blog around the fact that so many of us are working in isolation, whether full or part time.

Coming from a background where teamwork was at the heart of everything I ever did (see the ‘Meet Nigel‘ page where I reveal all) the reality of going full-time online as a self-styled ‘solo-preneur’ after a 30-year career in uniform came as quite a shock.

I particularly remember the moment when I realized I no longer had anyone to delegate to! What a shock!

The most important lesson I have learned is that you cannot make it alone…having a mentor and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs is so important to your (and my) success.

So let me invite you to connect and join my network, with a personal support group (or Inner Circle) where I share my strategies and systems for online success.

You can use any of the links below or on this page to work with me and start your very own journey as an online entrepreneur – and though I can’t guarantee you untold riches, I can guarantee you won’t be on your own!  

See you there…

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Join My Inner Circle For FREE Coaching and VIP Access To Latest Content!

...that will help you become a more powerful MARKETER and ENTREPRENEUR

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